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Digital Media Specialist

Giovanni Masucci - Digital Media Specialist

Hello! I'm an digital media specialist

custom web development on your needs

technologic solutions innovate interoperable

Giovanni Masucci - Digital Media Specialist

analyze project realization

technology solutions innovative interoperable

experience competence passion creativity

Giovanni Masucci - Digital Media Specialist

join experience know-how

competence passion creativity

innovative web marketing

Giovanni Masucci - Digital Media Specialist

trasform innovative idea them concrete

merging technology innovation web marketing

strategy communication integrate

Giovanni Masucci - Digital Media Specialist

planning strategy communication

digital integrate cross-media

market analysis trend competitor

Giovanni Masucci - Digital Media Specialist

I focus on our partners targets

analyzing competitor market trend


services web, marketing, development


Web Site| E-Commerce | CMS

Web Site, E-commerce and CMS based on your needs on many budget.

Web Marketing | Lead Generation

Marketing campaign and landing page capable of capturing potential customers.

Software Web | CRM | Intranet

Web Applications, CRM, Intranet, developed with mainly technology.

Project Managment | Market Analysis | Web Analytics

Manage project and team, professional market analysis and data analytics.

Ux Design | 360° Creativity

Wireframing, usability study user interfaces and graphics implementation.

Training | Course | Workshop

Courses of training for web, individual and for group, workshop and seminar.



realize application systems multi-functional adaptable to the concrete needs of your customers.

Responsive Design

curate UX design of your project, starting from a Mobile First approach making it responsive and therefore adaptable to any devices.


Realize your projects interoperable making them capable of functioning together, exchanging information.

Premium Support

Provide assistance to our customers by following them by phone, mail, video, training, coaching and remote control.

features interoperabile responsive support premium

Our Works

Why Choose US

intuitive design

Your corporate image, coordinated and designed to be linear and intuitive.

concretization ideas

Develop your ideas by listening your needs through analysis of professional market.

systems interoperability

Realize systems interoperable making them to talk to each other at the level of application.

premium support

We have excellent communication skills to various channels, skype, e-mail, phone, support by remote control and corporate training.

How WE works

Technical-functional Analysis

We have several years of experience and expertise on ICT processes and Web, we know infrastructure architectures and technologies of integration, then through briefing with the customer, we have the tools to understand what the customer wants, what actually we can do and how to implement it.

Ux Design study

Subsequently to the step of analysis technical-functional, we will be able through the use of innovative tools of Wireframing to define the proofs of the various user interface of your application to rely on the main principles of the ux design, user usability, innovation and responsive multi-device.

Interoperable code

Once defined the prototype of your project, we move to the stage of development starting from model static GUI making it dynamic and interactive by different technologies server-side and client-side, such as J2EE Struts, Yii2 framework, symfony2 and angular JS, Magento, open source CMS and integrate your project according to your needs, and if it necessary by proprietary API and Web Services.

Project launch

During the development of the project if required, we will implement a delivery of the project with approach Test Driven (TDD), using techniques of unit tests and functional, allowing to validate the application functionality and the evolutionary developments step by step or at the end of the project solution. We support all the design phase at the level of Project Management with tools of building and versioning professionals such as GIT, Sourcetree Gradle, and release by means of suitable tests with the customer.

innovative services

try our innovative services

Complete custom Backends

Realize application dashboards and advanced Web Portals , personalized on your needs using J2EE technology with Framework Jakarta Struts and PHP technology with Framework Yii Framework and Symphony and main Javascript Frameworks.

System Integration and Projects managment

We offer informatic consultancy on architectures of complex systems and project management and development team.

E-Commerce and Marketplace development

We develop complex platforms and e-commerce marketplace, using Magento and Prestashop suggesting the right solution builder on your needs and enterprise features.

Web Marketing and Analitycs

We realize SEO Market Analysis and plan web strategic marketing campaigns by analyzing data and statistical reports with tools punctual and with achieving the objectives.

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"Giovanni is very nice specialist J2EE"

Vladimir Lubenchenko - Java Scala Developer

"Giovanni's skills mediate from edge technologies to actual ones: very useful in modern projects"

Ignazio De iudicibus, Crinali Srl

"Giovanni is a Skillfull and ironic guy!"

Guido Martini - Art director and visual designer freelance consultant

project in foreground

project in foreground

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